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Since the Human Microbiome Project1 launched in 2008, we’ve learned from hundreds of studies that the microbiome — all of the bacteria, archaea, viruses and fungi that live on us and in us — is associated with human disease. Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and obesity are some examples of interest to gastroenterologists where the microbiome […]

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The advent of affordable, next-generation sequencing technology has democratized the study of the microbiome, the vast collection of microbial life both within and on us, and has enabled the discovery of hundreds of host-microbiome interactions. This has brought with it a wave of optimism, leading scientists and the public alike to seek new avenues for […]


When considering the role of probiotics in altering the gut microbiome, we have more questions than answers. While my colleague has dutifully pointed out the promise, I have outlined a few problems we would be irrational to ignore. We recently performed a survey of patients with celiac disease concerning the use of complementary and alternative […]


The microbiome is among the hottest topics in medical and scientific research. The National Institutes of Health and private foundations have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in research to define and characterize the human microbiome. In the next decade, billions more will be devoted to deciphering how microbes influence human health in a positive […]