2018 Issues


June/July 2018
G-POEM: Hope or Hype?
What’s on the horizon?


April/May 2018
Which Treatment Option to Choose?
Does pneumatic dilation still have a role in the treatment of achalasia?


February/March 2018
Better detection aids, better physician?
Are distal Colonoscope attachments beneficial?


2017 Issues


December 2017/January 2018
Do Endoscopists Need a Helping Hand?
Experts debate whether or not we should train non-physicians to do endoscopy.


October/November 2017
Keeping Tabs on IBD
Proactive vs. Reactive: Therapeutic Drug Monitoring


August/September 2017
Surveillance of Gastric Intestinal Metaplasia
Is it beneficial to screen patients for gastric intestinal metaplasia?


June/July 2017
Which path to take?
Debating whether or not to start anti-TNF therapy immediately after surgery for Crohn’s disease patients.


April/May 2017
GERD Testing: On or Off Therapy?
Inside: two opposing views on the role of pH monitoring in suspected GERD patients.


February/March 2017
The Right FIT?
Is FIT Testing the Best Tool for General Colon Cancer Screening?
December/January 2017
Slam Dunk Decision?
Debating the Use of RFA for Dysplasia in Barrett’s Esophagus Patients

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