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Timothy Wang, MD, AGAF, of Columbia University began his term as the 111th president of AGA Institute immediately after Digestive Disease Week® (DDW) 2016 this May. Dr. Wang has been an active AGA member since 1986, serving on the AGA By-Laws Committee, AGA Public Policy Committee and most recently as chair of the AGA Institute Research […]

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The connection between nutrition and gastroenterology should be intuitive given that gastroenterology involves the study of the organ system responsible for the digestion and absorption of nutrients. However, in my experience, nutrition is often an afterthought, being considered only after disease has negatively impacted an individual’s nutritional status. In the early years of gastroenterology, Dr. […]


Anesthesiologist-directed sedation for ambulatory endoscopic procedures has enjoyed an unparalleled and unbridle growth in recent years. Between 2003 and 2009, payments for anesthesiologist-directed sedation tripled from just under $400 million to 1.3 billion. This dramatic upsurge was driven not by increased cost but by increased utilization, which occurred almost exclusively in the commercial payor sector. […]


The question of who may administer endoscopic sedation has burned for over a decade, but recent developments have fanned the flames again. The approval by FDA of the SedaSys system and its subsequent withdrawal from the market has increased the heat, but not the light, surrounding this controversy. I am hopeful that this pro-con discussion […]

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Since the Human Microbiome Project1 launched in 2008, we’ve learned from hundreds of studies that the microbiome — all of the bacteria, archaea, viruses and fungi that live on us and in us — is associated with human disease. Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and obesity are some examples of interest to gastroenterologists where the microbiome […]